BabyBuddha Breast Pump is now in the Philippines!

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The latest electric breast pump in the USA is now in the Philippines! Whether you are a stay-at-home or working mom, you will surely love the features of BabyBuddha!

PORTABLE AND COMPACT: While other breastfeeding pumps are too bulky and drag you down with their weight, the BabyBuddha double electric nursing pump is conveniently small and can be hung around your neck using the included lanyard.  You can now free your hands and pay more attention to your baby as you pump.

EXTRA-QUIET OPERATION: We’ve fitted our machine with an impressively quiet mechanism that makes for discreet and silent pumping.  Freely pump without waking up your little one or drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

HYGIENIC DESIGN: We take the safety of your newborn very seriously. That’s why our breast milk feeding pump comes with a closed system to ensure milk doesn’t flow backward and get contaminated. The BabyBuddha infant breastfeeding pump is also BPA-free to keep the integrity of the expressed milk intact.

EXPERIENCE THE COMFORT:  No dealing with nursing pumps that result in sore nipples. Our double milk pump comes with a soft cushion that mimics a baby’s lips, an anti-backflow design that eliminates the need to lean forward while expressing, and multiple modes to massage the breast and suction the milk.

SIMPLE TO USE: No complex controls here. Just use the trackball on the electric breastfeeding pump to easily navigate through the stimulate and suction modes. Our wearable breastfeeding pump machine is also rechargeable to keep it powered as you get things done. 


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