Lactivist® (Alcohol Free) is now available!

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The latest product of Legendairy Milk is now in the Philippines!

Lactivist® contains a plant called torbangun which has been used as a breastmilk stimulant by Bataknese mothers in Indonesia for hundreds of years. New mothers traditionally consume torbangun soup for one month after giving birth because they believe it not only promotes breastmilk production but it's also rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron to help with postpartum fatigue and enrich milk quality. In one clinical study, three groups of 25 women each were given fenugreek, torbangun or B12 for 30 days. The torbangun group saw a 65% increase in breastmilk volume in the last 2 weeks of the study. This increase was much higher than with the groups receiving B12 or fenugreek which were only 10% and 20% respectively.

The alcohol-free version of Lactivist does away with the grain alcohol that is one of the contents of the original Lactivist. Without the alcohol, this version of Lactivist now tastes better, you can definitely take it on its own!

Suggested dose is one (1) dropperful, 3-4x daily. It works to increase milk supply and improve milk quality.



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