Legendairy Milk Duckbill Valves with Pull Tab

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Our pink duckbill valves come with a convenient pull tab so they're easy to remove from your breast shield without risk of tearing. The durable and flexible food-grade silicone promotes strong suction when pumping. Our duckbill valves are also easy to clean and can replace the traditional valve/membrane provided by some breast pump manufacturers.

Pack of 2 pink duckbill valves



  • AMEDA Mya (not Mya Joy)
  • SPECTRA S1, S2, 9 Plus, M1
  • MOTIF Luna, Duo
  • MEDELA Harmony, Symphony, Swing and Lactina
  • HYGEIA EnJoye
  • ZOMEE Z1 and Z2

Sterilize before first use.

If there is a slight gap in a duckbill when it arrives, please be rest assured that it is NOT defective. After extensive testing with a pressure gauge, we found the breast pump suction was not compromised at all. 

However, duckbill valves will lose suction with regular wear and tear. Replace them every 1-2 months to ensure optimal performance. Another way to know if your duckbills need to be replaced is by doing this test: 

When all your pump parts are properly assembled and your breast pump is turned on, the duckbill will pull closed at the tip. However, if the duckbill looks 'floppy' and is not closing properly when your pump is on, it needs to be replaced.