Ecozips Jumbo Flat (Pack of 2)

Regular price ₱450.00

Ecozips are reusable zip storage bags with the following features:

- DURABLE - Ecozips are made from extra thick PEVA material which is waterproof and does not tear easily.

- FOOD SAFE - Ecozips are food grade, PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free and BPA-free!

- LEAKPROOF - Ecozips have double lock seal that ensures no liquid or air will leak. Safe for freezer use.

- ECONOMICAL - Ecozips are washable and reusable.

- MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Ecozips can be used to store food, medicine, makeups, toys, crafts, receipts, basically anything you can think about!

Each pack contains 2 Jumbo Flat of the same color.